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Adore Consulting founded in 2021 was established to offer premiere educational consulting services to schools in need of restructuring to their curriculum platforms. Founder, Andrea Adore  is an educator, coach and mentor with 18 years experience in secondary urban and suburban education.

Founder, Andrea Adore



I have been a middle and high school Science teacher for 13 years. My educational background consists of a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry, Masters in Educational Leadership and an Educational Leadership Doctorate in progress. 


I have always taught in urban education and cared deeply about my students, especially students who are economically disadvantaged. I  myself was educated in an urban environment. 


Enriching summer opportunities (such as educational camps) are cost-prohibitive for most of my students (100% of the students at my school are classified free lunch). For the past three years, I have been running these types of camps for a company Tech company which provided these experiences for middle class to upper middle class, white-dominant population. I have been wanting to take this expertise and start my own project to support the type of students I work with every day at my school and the type of student I was when I was growing up, and now I have taken the time to build a team, and this summer will be the first iteration. 


When I was in high school, I told my guidance counselor I wanted to major in Chemistry. His answer to me was that I should consider other majors. I am here to do the opposite for all the economically disadvantaged Black youth of today considering a path in STEM.

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